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"Finding the right keywords can simply drive you nuts by the time you figure out the different levels of competition and a another language with other keyword research tools -SOC, PBR and a bunch of other acronyms. I don't even have to think about it. I plug in my main idea and I get what I need and more importantly what I can use without further research. Keyfuse is sleek and completes the job in a matter of minutes instead of the hours and hours of research I have had to do in the past. I can't think of any reason to use anything else other than Keyfuse. It does what is says it will do without all the aggravation."

Faye Herl
"I’ve used many programs like MNF, MS, and more (VERY good tools, but… with a severe learning curve and headaches I don’t need) BUT I have to say Keyfuse truly an amazing resource! It takes the work/frustration out of the equation which frees up my time for other important steps in my business. The idea of how simple this is to use and that it’s fully automated (my brain thanks you), peeked my interest. I did after careful deliberation sign up and give it a go and found this to be an amazing asset in my toolbox! This seems to do what MNF keeps claiming, but unlike MNF it does it without me having to interact other than inserting the keyword and hitting go. I enjoy the LSI output feature… this alone is worth the price of admission! My writers now, effortlessly, get a list of LSI words with the keyword, write RICH content and the LSI words make for a great “container” concept for the writers to stay on topic, and helps them research, come up with a concept, and write my articles more potently. The LSI keywords it kicks out are wonderful for expanding my niche (by using these optimized keywords essentially, as seed words for a whole new set of sites!) I've developed 27 sites so far using this tool. I find the work it does in the background to be VERY powerful, and impactful to my business- in other words the results speak for themselves. To sum up what I'm trying to say: Thank You Thank You Thank You..."

Michelle Thompson
"I have to tell you that I am really impressed with this new KeyFuse tool! I can't tell you how many hours I have literally WASTED in doing round after round of keyword analysis. I am pretty handy with numbers, but like most people involved with website development and promotion, I can testify to the fact that many, many keyword analysis tools are cumbersome and time-consuming to use. With those other tools, it was not uncommon for me to spend HOURS analyzing -- which is certainly time that could be better spent doing other things. What is impressive about KeyFuse is that it completely automates the entire process of keyword analysis -- you simply plug-in your seed search terms and let KeyFuse do the rest. I have used KeyFuse now to set up almost 100 websites, in a wide variety of niches,and I can tell you that I won't ever again use any other tool for my keyword research."

Jonathan Rogers